How does the Peter Vardy Foundation support Fields of Life?

It’s simple.

For every car purchased from Peter Vardy, we will donate £15 on your behalf which will feed, educate and clothe a vulnerable child in East Africa for one month. If you match our donation, this life enhancing gift will be extended for two months.

For every car serviced at Peter Vardy, we will donate £2.50 or £5 on your behalf so it only takes 3 customers to continue to support a child in East Africa.

Through the Peter Vardy Foundation, One Child has made a commitment to support 3,500 children for a two year period and with your help, we have set a goal to try to reach 10,000 vulnerable children across 25 schools to give each child a chance.

Given the opportunity to go to school, these children develop skills that enable them to break out of the cycle of poverty and hardship they’ve known and reach their full potential.

Help us to help Fields of Life.

Help us to help a child.